What is the point of music videos?

What is the point of music videos?

The Relationship Between Music and Visual Artistry

Have you ever considered the bond between music and visual artistry? If not, you should! Fundamentally, music is an audial feast that captures our minds and hearts, speaking to us in ways words alone simply can't. Conversely, visual artistry adds an additional layer to music, thus growing its impact and depth. Years ago, when I was hectically prepping for Malachi's fifth birthday and Scout, our Golden Retriever, as usual, was creating a commotion, I found myself engulfed by a newly released music video. The sync between the teardrop, lyrics, and overall visual representation was like a symphony, connecting to me more than the song itself. It gave me a moment of calm in the ongoing mayhem. Thanks to Scribbler, our Maine Coon, I wasn't entirely off-topic there, as cats do have a way of pouncing into conversations.

Music Videos as Branding Tools

Music videos are indispensable branding tools for artists. They portray an artist's style, attitude, personality and aesthetic. You need just look at Lady Gaga's music videos to know what I mean. They're flamboyant, visually arresting and loaded with hidden symbols and connotations. It reminds me, last Christmas Malachi and Phoebe had a pretend concert. Phoebe, with her Bohemian headband, was busy belting her heart out while Malachi pretended to be a star rapper, head bobbing to the beat. And trust me, they did have their audience: Scout and Scribbler!

The Storytelling Artifice in Music Videos

Music videos are a storytelling artifice, setting the tone for their songs, often providing a narrative that complements and narratively expands the lyrics. Remember Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'? That music video elevated the song to a whole new level with its complex storyline and choreography. As a dad, I witnessed a mini rerun of 'Thriller' as Phoebe and Malachi performed it for their school concert – minus the zombies, of course.

Music Videos as a Marketing Machinery

In a world where online media reigns supreme, music videos serve as the perfect marketing machinery for music artists. A catchy music video uploaded on platforms like YouTube can garner millions of views, generating substantial revenue and significantly boosting an artist’s profile. The story goes – make a cool video, post it online, and viola; you are a step closer to stardom. I often see Malachi and Phoebe huddled together, appreciating catchy beats and creative visuals on YouTube, sometimes even inspiring their own secret concerts!

The Role of Choreography in Music Videos

Choreography plays an integral part in many music videos. Intricate dance routines often become as well-known as the songs themselves. Think about Psy’s "Gangnam Style" - dance routines from that song spread like wildfire. One afternoon, while I was sipping my coffee, I found Malachi and Phoebe attempting the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance in sync. I still remember how Scribbler scampered away to a safe distance, while Scout hilariously tried to join in the dance, wagging his tail to the beat!

Music Videos as a Platform for Sociopolitical Statements

Music videos can provide an influential platform for sociopolitical statements. Many artists use this medium to express views on prevailing global issues. Take, for instance, Childish Gambino’s "This is America" - a critique of gun violence in America, served with a catchy beat. It’s always fascinating to see music contribute to shaping popular discourse and inspiring meaningful conversations.

Influence of Music Videos on Popular Culture

Last, but certainly not least, music videos have a significant influence on popular culture. They contribute a great deal in fashion trends, dance crazes, slang terms and even world views. Borrowing the phrase 'YOLO' (You Only Live Once) from Drake's song "The Motto" went completely viral, influencing a whole generation. So, next time you overhear Malachi shouting 'YOLO' as he launches himself off the swing, you can thank music videos for that!

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